We make ideas real.

EinwillerKuehl was founded as a collaboration of friends. This makes collaboration our expectation and our habit. We create interdisciplinary connections that result in innovation that can be built. In addition to strong creative muscles, the backbone of our process is clarity in communication.  We know the ability to create things that don’t exist often relies on inventing a shared language. We are expert at listening and synthesizing information.  We draw, we write, we model, and we seek inspiration from ecology, culture, and what people do in existing landscapes. We are expert at crafting a clear vision to communicate with the stakeholders of all kinds and being able to communicate effectively with landscape contractors in the field.

We are passionate about using the design of landscape to create the changes we want to see in the world. We believe landscapes are fantastic when they are layered experiences, open to the discovery and desires of the visitor at different times of day, in different seasons, and throughout the passage of time. We find and create opportunities to enhance ecology, provide resiliency, and create connections between people. We are smart about finding political and financial capital to make things happen and bringing value to a project of any scale or budget.

For the last five years the firm has established itself as a significant emerging design voice in the Bay Area. Our clients and projects range from large well known tech firms, to state and regional agencies, and private developers and families. The office is nimble--not too big and not too small--and able to respond quickly and fluidly to requests.  Firm leadership still sits in the same room with all the staff and we all talk everyday about projects and our favorite landscapes. Our experience allows us to work efficiently and smartly and to understand the importance of scope and budget to achieving a built design. We have completed the construction of numerous landscape projects and offer real world credentials and experience with tough site conditions to back up our innovations.