Brooklyn Basin Shoreline Park

Shoreline Park stretches along the south and west edges of the Oakland Estuary at the Southern edge of Brooklyn Basin in Oakland, California. Approximately half the site was formerly the 9th Avenue terminal. Elements of the terminal building will be preserved to provide a memory of the industrial history in this location. These historic artifacts will be integrated and overlaid with new plantings, lighting, and other elements that combine to provide a unique infrastructure for the new park. The existing wharf was constructed over a number of years and the condition of the piers is extremely varied and requires upgrade to comply with current seismic codes. The park design considers the wharf condition and develops a new geometry based on repair and removal of existing piers while simultaneously re-imagining the landscape for its new function as a waterfront park.

Project Info:

Client: Signature Development
Project Size: 30 acres
Status: Started, Nov 2015 - ongoing
Role: Prime, Landscape Architect
Collaboration: BKF Engineers, SGH Structural and Shoreline Engineers, MWA Architects