We are nimble and we are intense.  We savor problems that at first may appear unsolvable.  We believe every design is client and site specific.  Experience has taught us that innovation is rooted in real materials and real places. Our complementary and cooperative internal structure is an extension of working with clients and other team members in a spirit of lively collaboration.     

Sarah and Liz became friends and collaborators working on a diverse range of built landscapes while at Peter Walker and Partners, completing numerous large projects in Texas and California.  As a partner at PWPLA, Sarah led project visioning, conceptual and schematic design, and design strategy. As partner in charge of construction, Liz led detailed design, construction documentation, and field observation.

Combined we have a 36 years of experience and are just getting started. Our current projects include private gardens, corporate campuses, and a large public park, with project budgets of $50,000 to $104 million.  

Liz Einwiller, Founder

Liz’s childhood was spent building structures in her mother’s garden. She loves plants, color, and popular culture. Her keen visual skills translate to an insatiable curiosity for exploring how to make things.

Sarah Kuehl, Founder

Sarah wrote her college thesis on graffiti writers. She remains passionate about cities, teenagers, and art. She is very interested in the overlap of conceptual ideas with both social and physical realities



Whitney Hannah

Whitney is an ultimate frisbee player and former ecological restoration manager.  Her studies in biological sciences and a passion for ceramic arts inspired her to create landscapes that integrate form and biodiversity.



Gisela Steber

Gisela was trained as an architect in Germany. She now brings her wisdom and experience in structures to her landscape design work with both affection and enviable rigor. She's also an incredible but modest baker.



Rebecca Ewing

Rebecca was born in Oakland and cares deeply about the public landscapes of her city.  She's intrigued by the vibrant complexities of urban space and has been spearheading the development of our office's collective "creative soup".

Jenika Florence

Jenika has a meticulous attention to detail and an intuitive sense of craft that nearly led her to a career in dentistry. She brings a passion for horticulture and experience in the nursery industry to her design work.



Kuan Gao

Kuan has amazing talents in digital modeling and a passion for design in all forms.  He brings contagious enthusiasm and thoughtfulness to his work.



Chelsea DeWitt

Chelsea is interested in design solutions that combine socio-ecological thinking with public space to improve the health and well-being of communities. Her love of landscapes isn't limited to terra firma, as you’ll likely find her diving or sea kayaking in her free time.



California Unified Certification Program through BART:

  • Disadvantage Business Enterprise DBE #42308
  • Woman Owned Business Enterprise WBE
  • Small Business Enterprise (SBE)
  • Micro-Small Business Enterprise (MSBE)

City of Oakland

  • Small Business Enterprise (SBE)
  • Local Impact Area Business Enterprise (LIABE)